Amazing Dive has a 13-year history of  Dive Operations in Singapore. Previously known as 51 Scuba, Amazing Dive is one of the few  Dive Centres locally, and we’re happy to serve customers from all around the world!

Popular among tourist backpackers, local students and young adults, we at Amazing merges the experience and stringent safety record of our senior instructors with the vibrant, youthful energy and fun-loving personalities of the new generation of crew.

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Did we mention that we’re probably the only dive centre in the world that brews our own beer?

Dive Themed beers are designed and brewed by our crewmembers, not for sale but for free tastings and the occasional party. Check out our nitrogen-charged Narcosis Amber Ale, the annual Christmas 100rads Cherry AleThe tropical, fragrant 51 Bar Bright Aleor the Amazing Dive Stout.

Stringent safety standards and protocols makes us the only dive centre with a zero accident history in all 13 years of operations.

The Amazing Dive Shop is entirely pieced together by the crew and customers, reflecting their hopes, dreams and experiences in Scuba Diving- from wooden flooring to making the bean bags in the classroom, to painting marine-themed murals on the walls and knocking together outdoor furniture for the balcony Equipment recommendations and ratings used by staff and crew are scrawled in chalk on the retail walls. Join us in our occasional gatherings, barbeques at the balcony, eco-movie screenings; or just drop by for a good book off our mini library.

So what’s the whole thing about Amazing Dive then?

Everything. Put together the participative creative energy of crew, customers, and even random passers by and you’ve got the idea- built by divers, for divers; young at heart, vibrant, exciting, safe, and an unforgettable experience. Dive with Amazing- an awesome dive experience, forging unforgettable friendships underwater, and a lifetime story to tell the grandchildren.